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Zemomedia is a performance marketing agency specializing in lead and sales generation for a huge variety of verticals. Our qualified team delivers top quality traffic using best tools and latest technologies.

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Doing big numbers, rain or shine is what we are about


We work with Tier-1 traffic sources which deliver great results


Reliable traffic sources and all the essential tools help us to reach the best outcome on a consistent basis


We have the best team of media buyers and developers who manage the entire process

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We provide unique conditions by creating and varying angles for each individual offer


We always try new offers and ideas to perfect our service


24/7 online chat, personal trackers, full and transparent information on campaign progress are guaranteed


We successfully operate one of the most profitable and up to date business branches in the world


Zeustrak is a tracking system for campaigns management. This is an adaptable platform with real-time statistics, robustness and stability while processing an enormous amount of traffic. It provides a transparent and controllable process of buying and connects media buyers, account managers and outer partners.

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Zeustrak has its own system of analytics that includes landing and offer control system. We are able to create, monitor and edit the campaign the entire time and provide you with the best possible revenue. Such detailed reports and trustworthy working processes makes Zeustrak one of the best tracking systems in the industry.

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