If you own a business, there are several ways to improve your online marketing strategy so that you can increase your lead generation, conversion rates, and ultimately, profit. One of the best ways to guarantee long-term growth, however, is to stay on top of the trends running the industry. This ensures that you’re never left behind and that you remain competitive.
If that’s something you’re interested in, read on to learn about the upcoming top digital marketing trends for 2021.

  • 1. AI Is Growing

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has slowly begun to play a larger and larger role in business and digital marketing activities in all areas. In fact, 80% of business and tech leaders claim that AI boosts their productivity already. You can take advantage of this productivity boost yourself by using AI technology to make your processes more accurate and efficient, boosting customer experience along the way.
    Marketing chatbots are just one example of the power of AI.

    AI Is Growing
  • 2. Use Video Marketing

    In 2020, 92 percent of marketers said video was an important part of their marketing strategy. In fact, video is now the most popular type of content, with promotional videos and storytelling being the preferred formats.
    As the popularity of video continues, it will remain a priority for marketers in 2021. Research predicts that by 2022, it will account for 82 percent of the world’s internet traffic. Not only is it heavily consumed, but it also yields impressive results with 80 percent of video marketers claiming it has directly increased sales, while 89 percent saying it offers a good return on investment in general.
    So, how can you ensure effective use of video marketing in 2021? Focusing on what your audience wants is crucial, as is ensuring video speed and quality. Using machine learning, you can identify cross-screen journeys to deliver videos at the right time on the right device, while third-party tracking can help you enhance viewability in real time.
    To prevent wasting your budget, use AI to identify your most valuable video users – the same technology can also help you identify video ad fraud to ensure your content is being seen by real people. Other video trends to focus on include live and vertical videos and social video app TikTok.

    Use Video Marketing
  • 3. Google Tag Manager

    Yes folks, Google does it again with this free tool that enables users to track specific events and actions on their website without needing to bother your web developer, who has his or her head buried in code. Data from your site can then be shared with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and a plethora of other third-party ad platforms. Why is this important? Because it allows for more customization and ensures you are receiving the information you need while delivering the most effective message. While the use of Google Tag Manager is gaining popularity, we predict this helpful tool will be in widespread use in the very near future.

    Google Tag Manager
  • 4. Higher investment in YouTube advertising

    In 2021, combine the power of video and YouTube's massive reach to advertise your brand and products. YouTube remains the top social video network in the world.
    What does YouTube advertising have to offer? Depending on your target audience and budget, you may choose from a selection of ad types: TrueView ads, non-skippable instream ads, bumper instream ads, sponsored card ads, overlay ads, and display ads.
    Big and small businesses are using YouTube to boost brand awareness, influence customers' buying decisions, and improve brand reputation. If you want to give it a try, check out our youtube advertising guide to get you started.

    Higher investment in YouTube advertising
  • 5. Artificial Reality

    The growing popularity of artificial reality will lead companies in 2021 to incorporate this trend more than ever before. AR will allow consumers to see products in 3D before making the final decision regarding whether or not to purchase a specific product. Without having to leave their homes, customers will have the experience of shopping in-person through artificial reality.

    Artificial Reality

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